Farm and Garden

Bullwinkle Arrives & Survives

This post is a little late… On Tuesday morning, February 2nd at 7 a.m. Holly, our Jersey cow, had her second calf, our first here at Heart of the Garden Farm. What a blessed event. We were awakened by the shouts of Jack, our eight year old son, shouting “Calf, Calf, Calf is here. There’s […]

He’s So Luv-a-bull

Bull Winkle looks so different from just 2 days ago you may not recognize him. Here are a few photos from his naptime earlier today…enjoy!

Anytime Now

Our girl Holly is showing signs that her calf could be any day now! In the meantime we are prepping the hydro farm for the next planting. The recent cold snap was pretty damaging to our garden, so we’re in the process of replanting. If you’d like us to consider any of your favorite veggies…shoot […]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Burrrrrrrr! Record setting temperatures here in Sarasota. We woke up this morning to 27 degree temps with a “feels like” temperature of 22 degrees. Hello! My heart goes out to the farming community. The effort and dedication to save the citrus, strawberries and other field crops in this climate is awe inspiring. We should be […]

Cheese Lovers Unite!

Our first students raved about our new cheese making class offering.  As a result, we have decided to list more class dates.  Soon our classes will be going online for those outside our local area. Go to our Classes page for the delicious details…