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Some Like It Raw – Milk (that is)

Farm Fresh Raw Dairy Milk – Now available at our local farm here in Sarasota, Florida. Call us for details or Click Here.

Organic Animal Feed Co-op

Many of you who have followed our adventure here at Heart of the Garden Farm may not be aware that we have been hosting an organic feed co-op for nearly […]

So This Is Why The Chicken Crossed The Road

Every once in awhile, we come across something that hits our funny bone that we’d like to share.  For those of us working toward being self-sufficient, we give you this…enjoy!

A Bovine Love Story

Bella and Holly – A Bovine Love Story Recently we sent our second Jersey cow, Bella, to our friend’s farm to get acquainted with their bull Barney.  In order to […]

Farm Video

As they say…a picture is worth a thousand words…enjoy