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Support Local Farms

This video trailer is for a film entitled “Farmageddon” and is due to be released in January 2011. There is an increase of small family farms being raided by authorities in several states. The message from our government to farmers and the general public is that we have to ask permission to select our food […]

Natural vs. Organic

Natural Vs. Organic: The difference may surprise you?? In perusing the CraigsList ads in the Farm and Garden section, I came across a great number of ads for “organic eggs” and found myself staring in surprise and what these well meaning folks call organic…free range, the ads said, fed “all natural feed” no hormones or […]

Design Your Local Farm

We have recently been brought to a place where it’s time to increase our commitment to the local, sustainable living movement. Many of you who have blessed us with your presence here at our farm, along with those of you who have vicariously joined us in our journey may appreciate the transition from suburban life […]